Shipping and Payment

Willow Drive Nursery has several shipping policies you should be aware of before purchasing:  

1. Boxing Costs
Trees will be boxed at cost upon buyers request.
2. Trees Delivered in Our Total Care Systemâ„¢ Pallets
In Washington and BC Canada we will deliver and pickup the pallets at cost at growers request. The growers are welcome to pick up tree orders in pallets, also. THESE PALLETS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 45 DAYS from delivery. $100.00 per pallet will be charged for all unreturned or destroyed pallets.
3. Terms of Payment
Until credit is established all orders must be pre-paid or shipped C.O.D. Once credit is established payment is due in full within 30 days following the invoice date. A service charge of 1% per month is charged on invoice balances unpaid after 30 days. Payment may be made with currency, check, bank transfer, or major credit card.
4. 1% Certification Tax
Washington State requires a 1% certification tax be assessed on all fruit tree sales. The money is used for the improvement and certification of fruit tree nursery stock grown in Washington State.
5. Minimum Orders
For orders under 25 trees add $15 per tree.
6. Deposits
All tree orders and contracts require a deposit. Tree order allocations are made based on replacement trees being first, then date deposit was received at Willow Drive Nursery.